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Rebecca has been with Red Bridge since the beginning. Although this is her second career she really enjoys all things photography and growing the company. Rebecca also works one day a week as a Registered Nurse in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Rex Healthcare in Raleigh, NC. Rebecca has 2 mutts; Sierra and Lexy that served as her very first photo subjects. They are very good at keeping her feet warm while she is sitting at the computer editing. Rebecca is a daughter to Carol who still resides in Rebecca’s hometown of Charlotte, NC. She gets to see her often when there are opportunities to shoot in Charlotte or just for a visit. Rebecca is also a little (but yet still taller) sister to Heather who lives in Durham who has always been a big supporter of Rebecca’s budding photography career. Rebecca’s brother in law is Brian and he has been very supportive over the years of Rebecca’s photography career in that he puts up with all her crazy photo shoot ideas. Rebecca is an aunt to Samuel who was born in October 2013. He has been her frequent photo subject over the first year and a half of his life and she is looking forward to making him the photo subject of many spontaneous photo sessions until he is 18 and he can protest. In her “spare time,” Rebecca enjoys crafting (specifically cross stitch), taking in a live music show, dinner with friends, watching football and attending Durham Bulls games. She has a fondness to crime TV (both real and dramatized) as well as reality TV. After a chance meeting at her sister’s wedding in 2009, Rebecca and Annie began Red Bridge. In 2014, Annie decided to pursue other ventures but will still be an associate photographer for Red Bridge Weddings in assisting Rebecca. Rebecca very much is enjoying learning new techniques and further advancing her knowledge in photography. It is an area in which attending workshops to stay on top of new things and to continue educating oneself is very important. She knows that she will never know it all and she very much enjoys learning from others in the profession to stay on top of all things photography.







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