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I’m Emily. I’m a former Navy Seaman and current Proud Navy Wife. I have two amazing children; Michael and Madeline, who are always happy to pose and smile for Mommy. I fell in love with photography at an early age. I had my first kid camera when I was 3 years old; back when you still used film and everything was done manually. I’ve owned a camera ever since. I started my business in 2011 and found my calling in 2014. Newborns were my favorite type of session. It was so calm. I fell into a rhythm and started to devote time to learning everything I could about Newborn Photography; started specializing and haven’t looked back. This is my calm and happy place. I’ve always believed it’s very important to fill your house with printed memories of your family. Growing up, we had a basket FULL of prints that my sister and I still sit in front of look through to remember the little things we did growing up. Both big and small; those tiny memories are precious. From the way your child’s finger looked 24 hours after they were born to the family vacation to the beach; those details of the every day will be what we have to look back on and remember fondly. I can’t wait to capture those memories for you and your loved ones.


Sarah Lewis 2017-07-11
Emily is an extremely patient and caring newborn photographer. She works with the clients to ensure that their vision and wants are met, and that the safety of the baby isn’t compromised. She uses gentle movements when positioning, and doesn’t rush.

She has an exceptional work/life balance, making sure to always communicate any issues or delays with her clients that may unexpectedly arise.

Beautiful thoughtful work.







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Fort Meade, Maryland, and surrounding areas

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