Charity Hall

Beauty Editor
My name is Charity, native Floridian and avid fan of sparkles, shoes, and anything sweet. I also have always had a passion for books and writing, which lead me to a love of blogging and, surprisingly, proofreading. I can't sit still anywhere without proofreading anything in sight! With a makeup artist for a sister, as I grew, so did my interest in beauty and the many diverse products and techniques that are available. I love adventures small or big, and the chance to find something new, especially related to books, beauty, or good food.

Faythe Eloise

Editor in Chief
I’m Faythe. I’m Alex and Karson's mom, a blessed wife, a stepmom, a creative, and a believer in the "miracles”. I am passionate about faith, treasuring time with my little family, saying YES to the impossible, and helping inspire women to embrace beauty. I love the women I work alongside each day, addicted to hot chai lattes, building sand castles, the smell of the ocean, exploring new flavors in the kitchen, and living in Georgia. Yes, I am a proud Georgia Peach!

Ashly Collins

Associate Editor
Honored wife and blessed mother of 2 princesses. If I could bottle happiness it would smell like the ocean, sound like our daughter's laughter, feel like my husband's strong arms around me, look like the gorgeous sunset, and taste like tacos.


Brad Imler, Ph.D

President of the American Pregnancy Association
Dr. Brad Imler is Licensed Advanced Clinical Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Psychology and Counseling. He has been serving as the President of the American Pregnancy Association since 1997. Dr. Imler has been married for 25 years and has two children through adoption, Grant, 17 and Lauren, 16.


Alli P.

Contributing Editor
World renown maternity photographer, Alli is also a mom to 4 children, with her first child being special needs.

Marissa Z.

Contributing Editor
I am a lover of love. Wife, mother of two, coffee enthusiast, dreamer, and beliver. Also a huge geek, and lover of Corgis.

Katie E.

Contributing Editor
Hi, I'm Katie, but you can call me Kate. I'm a wife and mother first and foremost, and have a sincere appreciation for the moments I create with my family every day. My passion of photography began in 2015 when I started styling photos for Etsy. I loved capturing the simplicity and pretty details of things, and quickly found the same passion for the little and big moments in people's lives. Whether that be a quiet walk to the playground with your kids, a sweet embrace with the love of your life, or that momentous first breath of your little one's life, I believe that every moment is meant to be remembered.