We are seeking all kinds of stories. 

Motherhood Musings Collective stories reflect on what living real motherhood means to you-your perspective and the wisdom gained from the issues and experiences you’ve faced while being a mother.

Motherhood experts share their expertise with our mothers by writing experience-based and research-backed topics presented in easy-to-read, oftentimes conversational articles. Experts are considered those whose experiences are backed by credentials in their field. 

Submission Guidelines:

  • original pieces that are non-judgemental, written in conversational or narrative style
  • 500-1500 words
  • check your spelling and grammar-try Grammarly!
  • any references or research must be linked
  • we republish on occasion, please note this in your submission and where the article first appeared

Publishing Details:

  • We reserve the right to edit all submissions for style and formatting. We will not send back articles for editing unless you become a regular contributor. 
  • We will notify you if your piece has been accepted or declined within 30 days (usually much less) our Motherhood Musings Collective Launches November 1st (possibly sooner). 
  • We will share all pieces to our social channels as we deem appropriate.
  • You will receive a bio and 1-2 links to your website and/or a social channel.

Thank you for submitting your work. Let’s share the heart Motherhood together.