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Originally from upstate New York, I was raised with an appreciation for the outdoors, family time, and printed photographs. My mother was a photographer and made sure that our childhood was well documented. She kept several albums with sleeves full of prints, and displayed framed photos throughout the house. When digital photography came about she again emphasized the importance of continuing to print photos. Naturally, taking photos of my little one became an important part of my life when I became a mother. Those first few weeks passed by in a blink, and then each little stage thereafter seamed to dissolve into the next. When I realized that I wasn’t capturing these moments with my little one with the skill that I’d hoped to, I pushed to be better and found classes to fine tune my craft. For those first few years, photography was my hobby. When I wasn’t teaching or playing with my own little boy, I was attending posing workshops and lighting classes. I taught third and first graders for six years in Virginia. I loved teaching so much, but I desperately wished for more time with my own child. When we found out that we were expecting a second child in 2014, I left teaching and opened up my own studio. My love of printed photographs is still a guiding factor in how I create portrait art. While I offer both digitally inclusive packages as well as custom print orders, my goal is to create something timeless and artistic to proudly display on the walls of your home. Pictures aren’t meant to stay locked away in a drawer. How you’d like your photographs to be displayed is an important part of my process from consultation to finished work of art. At your ordering appointment, we’ll view a slide show of your proofs, decide which images you just can’t live without, and select printed products from heirloom albums, reclaimed wood frames, and rustic wood prints. I’ve created a collection of rustic, well-made products that compliment and showcase my earthy style of fine art photography. It is my absolute joy to create these heirlooms.







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