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Beauty Editor

My name is Charity, native Floridian and avid fan of sparkles, shoes, and anything sweet. I also have always had a passion for books and writing, which lead me to a love of blogging and, surprisingly, proofreading. I can’t sit still anywhere without proofreading anything in sight! With a makeup artist for a sister, as I grew, so did my interest in beauty and the many diverse products and techniques that are available. I love adventures small or big, and the chance to find something new, especially related to books, beauty, or good food.

I believe in chances, in possibilities, in new experiences and journeys. I believe in the color black, in the color pink, and in living colorfully. Life is full of people and groups trying to tell you how to look, to act, to think, and it takes courage to step back and decide your own concepts of “perfect” and “happy” and “beauty”. When you do step back, you can experience everything fully and beautifully, and find others who do, too. I believe in strong women, and in women supporting women, saying “no” to forced ideas of competition and instead joining together, living colorfully. The act of motherhood, especially, is both a difficult and exciting time full of newness and possibility. It unites people of all kinds in a special way. Every culture and family has its own unique traditions and protocols, working together with old and new to do their best to raise and grow a child from the womb to the world. Motherhood is a patchwork, a tapestry, of culture and good intentions. The nurturing of life is both never-changing and ever-changing.