Faythe Eloise

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I’m Faythe. I’m Alex and Karson’s mom, a blessed wife, a stepmom, a creative, and a believer in the “miracles”. I am passionate about faith, treasuring time with my little family, saying YES to the impossible, and helping inspire women to embrace beauty. I love the women I work alongside each day, addicted to hot chai lattes, building sand castles, the smell of the ocean, exploring new flavors in the kitchen, and living in Georgia. Yes, I am a proud Georgia Peach!


I believe in miracles. I believe that a pregnancy–a new life–means the beginning of a family, and that there is nothing more important, dignified, or beautiful than that. I believe that motherhood is built on parenting with purpose not perfection. Our world is in despair, women are in a constant struggle for perfection and comparing themselves to others but they are hungry, hungry for the real beauty of motherhood. I believe that comparison is the thief of joy and creativity. Strong mothers are the very core of society, and I have been learning daily as I travel on the journey of motherhood with my own two, that one tangible way a mother can show her appreciation and understanding of what a big deal being a mother is, is by planning an intentional, deeply meaningful purpose to her parenting. Taking old traditions and making new ones, creating meaningful memories with her family. It’s not about being a perfect mother, it’s about living and breathing a purposeful motherhood where you keep. choosing to embrace joy and the beauty of it.

Aside from being a mother, I am an creator, an antique shopper, refurbished furniture enthusiast, surfing mommy, concert collector, retired ballet dancer who still loves to dance, and I love most anything with music, from a classic rock concert to Broadway! I’m often spotted at a used bookstore pouring over mystery novels sipping a latte, my favorite novels being Johnathan Kellerman. My best friend and co-conspirator in life Mr. Big is my biggest supporter on this journey!