Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy is a unique platform for family/motherhood photographers, bloggers, and creatives. Our wonderful readers come to us for the fresh and new every day.

We believe in sharing the heart of motherhood with photography and through the narrative of the mother’s words. 

Submissions must be exclusive and not published in the past by another publication ( it’s okay if it is on your own personal business blog/website/social media)  Please do not send submissions to us if you are still waiting to hear back from another publication. When we accept and then publish a submission on Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Online or in Print the session must be exclusive to us for a period of 3  months and not be featured anywhere else but your personal blog/website.

When we receive a submission, before accepting it for the blog or magazine we will look at the submitter’s website, BBB rating, social media platforms, and client reviews.  Many of our readers look to our publication when hiring a business or professional photographer, they trust us and those we feature. 



We ask that all images be low-res (72dpi) and 900 PIXELS wide. If you send the wrong sized images we will not ask you to resize them, the submission will just be disregarded. If we select a submission for print we will then request high resolution and sizes.

All images must be watermark and logo free, we give you a beautiful credit section on each submission with a headshot and bio.

Please name your folder with your business name (NOT BLMOMMY OR BEAUTY & LIFESTYLE MOMMY). Also, please be sure to only send ONE submission per form. You can send as many submissions as you choose, on separate forms.

*** for international submissions you can use zip code 31548 when filling out the form***

Please be patient, we are a small but strong team of 3 and you will receive a response in 2-3 weeks. We receive a high volume of submissions a week and plan our editorial calendar one month at a time. If you have not heard back by week 4 you can email us to check on the status of your submission.