Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy’s mission is to cultivate a community of mothers who inspire and encourage each other.

There is a special kind of sweetness in being a part of creation. In bringing new life into the world and wrapping that new little one in love but many times when all the sweet moments of newborn days turn into sleepless nights and in comfort, we find that we question ourselves and compare ourselves to others. Are we a good mom? Why is she better? Why did she lose all her baby weight so quick? but the truth is, that we are the perfect parent for our baby. We are prepared with exactly what our newborn needs. If only we would give ourselves more grace and stop comparing ourselves to perfect. We are all imperfect mothers but if we strive to parent with purpose, not perfection; everything works out as it should and we can live with joy in our lives! Our goal in the community of mothers is to support each other on the road of parenting, even if we choose to parent in different ways, we can still cheer each other on in a sense of community over comparison.





We think birth is beautiful! We choose not to focus so much on one way of birthing, which can make you feel like the only thing that matters is having the perfect birth. Instead, we focus on embracing all ways of birthing by sharing inspiration and education so that each mother can choose what is right for herself and birth without fear. 

We know that fed is best and will encourage you to choose the right way to nourish your baby that works for you both, while we do support breastfeeding awareness through education, real mom stories, support groups, and even breastfeeding photography, ultimately we believe in healthy babies, fed babies.

We are 
passionate about sharing mothering information that we’d give to our own sisters, cousins, and best friends. We’ll encourage you to use your resources wisely and only apply the advice you read on our blog or in the magazine as it fits into your parenting style. There is no perfect way to parent but we can all parent with purpose!

We use readers, real-life mothers and their families as models whenever possible, and they are full of life-giving joy! We hope you’ll be able to envision yourself when you look at our pages.

We’ll encourage you to intentionally parent with your partner. Having a unified parenting plan is important to raising children and if you are a single mom (as our editor in chief Faythe was for years) we’ve got your back, there is so much power in mothering together as a community! 

We’ll remind 
you that at the center of each home is the mother, yes, you are the core. We’ll invite you into conversations as we learn from those women who’ve traveled down the path of motherhood before us or who are still in the trenches of parenting alongside us.

We focus on you! Our goal is to inspire, encourage, and support you in every day mothering, in the joys and fears, the laughter and the tears. We will cheer you on as you accomplish even the smallest victories of parenting, and pour you a virtual glass of wine as you melt-down, it happens to all of us. You are not alone!

We know that every mother is going to have hills and valleys, but encourage you to stop and find the beautiful moments in motherhood, the never-ending journey from conception onward. We believe strong mothers can change the world!